Elli Interviews Paulina Porizkova

Melissa sat down with supermodel & fashion icon, Paulina Porizkova to discuss all things ageing. Paulina has become a lightning rod for women over fifty – shouting from the rooftops about the ageism she experiences and observes. She’s created the hashtag “between J-Lo and Betty White” to describe the no-(wo)mans-land that many of us find ourselves navigating.

Paulina and Mel discuss the blind spots of the media and fashion industries, work & career after fifty, sex, dating and intimacy as well as the grief and loss that comes with the gift of more years on the planet.

” I think my lines are pretty freakin awesome. Look, see all the life I’ve lived. And I like this, this neck stuff, this chord stuff that’s going on with the neck. I like it. I’ve decided I think it’s really cool. It looks like like a shark fin. It sharpens me, and it points me in the right direction. Why not look at age like that? Why does it have to be a bad thing? Why can’t it be like a beautiful thing, but a different thing? You have a rose a bud. It’s lovely. And it’s fresh. And then you have it in full bloom. And yes, that’s gorgeous. And then you can have a dried rose. And that is also really spectacular.”