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the goddess

According to Norse mythology, Elli is the goddess of ageing…apparently she even defeated Thor in a wrestling match, so she’s kind of a big deal. We like to think Elli is looking over us – and all the Elli’s out there in the world: women who are ageing with purpose and meaning.

the podcast

We launched Elli after spending more than a year (and a lot of tears and ah ha moments) creating the flagship Audible Original series, Age Against the Machine: A Global Exploration of Women and Ageing.

the conversation

It became very clear that women want to have this conversation with each other about our ageing experiences. So we created a space where we can share and learn – everything from menopause and health, or managing our relationships and parents, ageing parents, to our skincare and nutrition – and everything in between.

the message

Elli isn’t a “how-to” guide on aging because there isn’t simply one way to do this! But there is one thing we heard from so many of our sisters out there: they feel invisible. In the media, in society, sometimes even in their own communities and families. So Elli is here to help us stay ferociously, unrelentingly, unapologetically visible…like, beating Thor at a wrestling match kind of visible.

who we are

Elli was founded by Melissa Doyle and Naima Brown. Elli is the culmination of a lot of conversations between Melissa and Naima about their own ageing experiences.

Lots of walks & talks, lots of wines, lots of tagging each other on Instagram posts when they come across women who seem to be getting it right. And listening to women who inspire them, the ones who just seem to get stronger and braver as the years go by.

Elli’s guest contributors are women over forty from all walks of life, from all over the globe.

But, if you’re trying your best to age with honesty and purpose – you’re an Elli, too.

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